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How to vape


How to Vape

Vaping e liquid using an electronic cigarette

It may seem obvious how to vape  to many seasoned vapers but you would be surprised at how many customers come into our shop and test an ecig using the exact same method they do when taking a drag from a traditional cigarette.

So if you are new to vaping it may be worth your while taking a few minutes to cast an eye over the following.

A slightly different method should be used with an ecig to the traditional smoke that you are used to.

As I hope you are aware the electronic cigarette does not poison your system with carbon monoxide or tar so there is a significant proportion of harm reduction to be achieved when switching to vaping whilst still receiving the nicotine your body craves.

When using you electronic cigarette you should attempt a long slow gentle inhalation rather than the short hard blast used to pull smoke from a cigarette.

The easy vape method we show to all our customers is .

1. Before starting to inhale from the mouthpiece ensure the button is held down .This will make your electronic cigarette start to atomise the liquid before you start .This is a huge advantage over the automated look alike type of ecig that  do not start to vaporise until you have started to inhale as you will get far better satisfaction from this as the vapour produced will be preheated and a greater taste will be produced from you e liquid.

2. Breath in with a long slow shallow breath we recommend a short breath of five seconds ,count 1-5 .Unlike traditional cigarettes with an electronic cigarette and eliquid there is no need to hold the vapour in your lungs .

3. Simply breath out the vapour straight away don’t hold the vapour in your lungs there is no need to as there is no smoke carbon monoxide tar or other nastiness like a traditional cigarette, the nicotine is absorbed by your lungs almost instantly .


That’s it a simple easy vape method that we hope will help you get greater enjoyment from your electronic cigarette and e liquid .

Happy Vaping How to Vape