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Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re trying to give up smoking what better way than to substitute your real cigarette, full of toxins and dangerous chemicals, for an electronic cigarette; a battery powered and multi flavoured, vapour filled stick that give you the sense that you’re still smoking, but with a significantly reduced health risk and better flavours? read more »

Whilst things like nicotine patches and anti-smoking therapy leave your hands wanting something to do, electronic cigarettes provide a sensory similarity to smoking real cigarettes thus preventing the temptation to pick up a cigarette. The design of electronic cigarettes allow for the vapour that is smoked to come in a variety of different flavours, which in itself is a significant upgrade. If your spouse, family or friends are complaining about the scent of smoke on your clothes and in your hair – they might stop once you start vaping a cherry flavoured e liquid, or perhaps something more tropical, like a pineapple or coconut flavoured liquid.

Electronic Cigarettes don’t just assist in the reduction of smokers, but by extension the amount of passive smokers – electronic cigarettes use vapour that doesn’t linger in the air like smoke – thus not placing those around you at risk.

We provide you with electronic cigarettes so that you are in control of your mission to quit smoking – with all the accessories at your disposal, giving up cigarettes has never been easier. From our electronic cigarette vaping starting kits right through to our stylish and personalised batteries, you have all the options you could think of right here on this site.

Electronic Cigarette Vaping Liquids

Probably the best thing about swapping over to e cigarettes is the fact that you have no choice at your finger tips; not only do electronic cigarettes come with a range of different batteries and lights but they also come with a huge selection of different vaping liquids in an unbelievable range of flavours. Giving up smoking has never been easy, but with the tasty variety of flavours now accessible to you to wean you off of the cancer causing tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Vaping Liquids can be bought in a number of strengths depending on the extent of your addiction. If you are known to smoke 20 cigarettes a day it is advised that you begin on a higher rate of nicotine vaping liquids – you can then slowly begin to reduce the strength and amount of nicotine that is in your vaping liquid.

Electronic cigarettes have a heating element that heats your chosen liquid until it evaporates into vapour. The vapour is then inhalable, at which point you are able to benefit from the extraordinary tastes that the vapour provides.

We provide a huge range of different flavoured vaping liquids including, but not limited to banana, cola, cotton candy, cappuccino, mint, cinnamon and vanilla. All of our vaping liquids are available in a variety of different strengths that allow you to control the speed at which you reduce your nicotine intake – giving you more control over your smoking cessation than ever.

Best Range of Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquids online

If you’re looking for the best range of electronic cigarettes and E liquids online, you needn’t look any further than Vapingliquids.com. We don’t just supply great vaping liquids in a diverse range of flavours – we also offer impressive deals on electronic cigarette batteries and electronic cigarette starting kits which can get your smoking cessation off to the effective start that you’ve needed all this time.

So forget nicotine patches and smoking cessation groups – pick up something that actually helps. Something that looks and feels like a cigarette but tastes like a breath of fresh air and reduces your health risks.


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